The title of this article is an alternative fact. Something I could have stated more accurately, though it was not an intentional misrepresentation of reality. The best thing I read this week only had about 30 written words, and I didn’t actually take the time to read them. The lack of words actually enhanced the experience, because what was portrayed could not have been so wondrously represented by written word alone. I got to step into the closet of Yves Saint Laurent. Virtually, of course, but the New York Times 360 videos give the viewer so much power that it feels as though you’re actually there.

You can click and drag anywhere in the video to control what you’re looking at, not just side to side but also down to the ground and up to the ceiling. In one area of the scene, the transcript of the interview or story that goes along with the video floats eerily in midair, and you can watch the words float by, or you can ignore them entirely in favor of perusing the fine clothing and artistry of the closet of one of the foremost designers of all time.

In the midst of all the hard hitting news of the week –  tax credits, aggression from North Korea, Sessions and phone “tapping” – I needed a break. This video was a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine shining on the post-apocalyptic-radioactively-charged-pile-of-waste that is America’s various media and political institutions right now.

Also, for the record, I have no idea how they filmed these 360 videos and made it so you can move around in them and see a cohesive image of how it would look if you were standing there, but it kind of freaks me out because somehow they got a bunch of images to exist at the same time, but they’re in different planes of your computer screen if you think about it too hard (which I currently am). Weird.

Watch the video here.